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Thread: Carl Raghavan testimonial

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    Just had my second session with Carl and it was even better than the first!
    He knows exactly what to say to fix my form and I come away feeling like everything's changed for the better.
    The cues help me so much, and his expert eye immediately spots the mistakes that hours of video analysis never showed me.

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    I just had my first two-hour session on Friday with the excellent Carl! His approach is excellent - friendly, patient, methodical and thorough. We worked on all five of the main lifts from scratch, which made sure we corrected all my basic mistakes with grip width, stance etc. Seconding what everyone else has said about the value of an expert coaching eye - the book and videos are great but Carl's coaching and cues fixed long-standing errors in my form that I would never have fixed by myself.
    I had my first workout yesterday after our session and his coaching has really made a big difference - for example, my missing squat 'bounce' we worked on has made squats feel much less grind-y and easier on my lower back; and I'm a lot more confident and aggressive with my power cleans now.
    Thanks a ton Carl, it was a pleasure to meet you and I'm looking forward to another session!

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    Had a session with Carl back in September when I was visiting London. The man has a keen eye for detail and won't let you get away with any slip in form. Despite being a hilarious ballbuster (come prepared to laugh your ass off as your self-worth is destroyed), Carl is extremely helpful; I came away with concrete ways to improve and with a better understanding of how to achieve each lift properly. Whether you're relatively new to lifting (like me) or believe you have perfected your lifts, I've no doubt having Carl's eyes on you would be invaluable.

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    Fantastic 2 hour session with Carl. Went through all the fundamental lifts, would thoroughly recommend visiting him.

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    Had a 2 hour session with Carl a few weeks ago. Instantly cleaned up my deadlift, bench and OHP form, and we spent considerable time working on my squat to try and resolve some back pain I've been having.
    Since the session I've been working on my squat form and my back issue has improved dramatically.
    Excellent coach. Will certainly visit again. Do yourself and your training a favour and book in.

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    Had a great session with Carl working on the power clean and my presses. The power clean feedback also cleaned up some form creep on my deadlift.

    Helped me with some post novice programming as well. I've seen Carl a number of times now and well worth the money.

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    Default Another very happy trainee!

    Reporting as another very happy trainee of Carl's!

    I initially went to see Carl back in July last year. This was after three months of the usual "well, I've progressed! but also injured myself slightly and generally fucked up" style of novice linear progression that those of us who start without coaching tend to experience. I only wish that I'd gone sooner! Coaching is really valuable, and working with Carl is everything I expected from an SSC.

    Although I'm not London-based, I live close enough that I've been able to commit to training with Carl once a month for the near future, and I couldn't be more excited.

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    Yesterday I spent two hours with Carl, it was probably the most beneficial and excellent coaching session I have ever experienced. Carl is an extremely professional and dedicated coach, his skills were tested to the fullest I believe because I am quite novice to lifting.

    I am 61 years old and overweight, I have been trying to get fitter hence starting to lift weights. I come from a very fit background, of the Royal Marines and was a commando for over 14 years, breaking my neck and other various injuries caused me to stop everything and pile on the weight. Although it may sound crass those two hours spent with Carl has rejuvenated me also equipping me to attack my new found passion in a safe, planned and enthused way.

    I travelled for over 13.5 hours to attend this session and it was worth every minute, Carl's approach to identifying my weaknesses, my poor form and errors was second to none, he has given me cues to work with and in that sort time, we went through the squat, deadlift, press and bench press. His teaching style had be on the money very quickly and I could actually feel the movements coming together. I lifted much more weight that I ever had before, in one case over 20kg more, and it felt so much safer and stronger.

    Yesterday Carl gave me a gift of hope in my lifting and what I could go to achieve.

    He was the easiest of teachers and his manner was so supportive and enlightening.

    I would like to thank him and to urge anyone who can get to him to do so, it is life changing


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    I met carl this past weekend for a 1hr session and can honestly say it is the best coaching session I've ever had. Carl is highly knowledgeable, very patient and has a clear way of communicating even for the most stubborn of trainees. I was having major issues with bar path during squats, which had caused me a lot of low back pain during the past few months. Carl managed to fix this in 15 mins and sent me on my way feeling much stronger and more confident, but most of all pain free. I cannot emphasise the importance of getting good coaching. I can't recommend Carl enough. Do yourself and your training a favour, book a session with him.
    Thanks bud

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