Hello everyone,

I'll keep it concise and to the point...

Since starting lifting I've stopped years of pain caused by minor scoliosis and my back even seems to have corrected itself in part.

Since lifting my insomnia and anxiety -- exacerbated by my profession -- have become much less. Anxiety is a problem, but after a good lifting session after work I feel amazing and sleep like a baby.

Since I stopped using machines and followed Starting Strength more strictly my right knee feels amazing, whereas before it hurt all the time and often made funny noises.

I've blown through some weighted pullup, press and bench press plateaus by extrapolating Rip's programming principles. Lower body movements are still cruising though, but I switched my programming to Rip's all the same.

No other material has helped as much as this and in my -- albeit limited -- experience there is nothing like it out there. So thanks.