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    About 8 years ago, I formulated the idea of building a house for my family, and I realized that I was too weak to make that happen... so I undertook the journey of becoming stronger. A google search led me to Medhi... which (through my highly-refined bullshit-detectors) led me to your site... which led me to a 500-lb deadlift and a 205lb press... stronger than the average meat-head.

    Now I'm finally building my house. I'm writing a blog here: ...please forgive the link; I don't get any money for it; just the amusement of a few people watching as I build.

    ...this is relevant because... I could not be doing this if I wasn't "more useful in general" ...let alone harder to kill. I give a lot of credit for my physical condition, the one that allows me to do this, to you.


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    ...a little elaboration... because of my developed strength, I am able to carry out sub-maximal tasks all day long without a second thought. I thought this was crap when I first read Rip's thoughts on it... but it WORKS! Those "sub-maximal" tasks would destroy an untrained person... and I just sweat my way through them.

    Another significant observation: I have been working my ass off for four weeks on this project. I have lost four inches off of my waist measurement in those four weeks. My body-weight has held constant at 265 pounds. My wife says that I feel *hard* when she hugs me... (in the back and shoulders... not just the usual hard parts!). Looking in the mirror, it's hard to believe the physical changes that are happening as a result of hard work. This reinforces my idea that dieting is bullshit, and that the only solution to the modern obesity epidemic is hard, sustained, daily physical work. I. Am. Loving. This!

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