Having had five SI joint pain flare ups in the last 18 months, I turned to John for advice. Previously, I'd seen massage therapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths, but they were of limited use because they had no lifting experience themselves and usually no experience of working with lifters. By contrast, John was able to review videos of my work sets to check my form, and he made some insightful suggestions. He also took me through some diagnostic tests, giving clear instructions and finding out more over Skype than the other PT I'd seen did from a hands-on examination. After prescribing a stretch or self-massage technique for each potential problem area, he made some wise suggestions about exercise selection and modulating training volume. What struck me most was his genuine desire to help me return to lifting heavy consistently. Rori, clearly equally passionate, gave me some great tips as well, again drawing on a blend of both theoretical PT knowledge and practical lifting experience.