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Thread: Back Rehab at Studio Inna

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    Default Back Rehab at Studio Inna

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    "I am 46 years old and have been suffering for many years with lower back pain. I tried classes, running, stretching and more, yet my back pain kept me from a full range of activities. Then one morning while brushing my teeth, my back gave out. I was in bed for over a month until Inna stepped in. After an appointment with an Orthopedist I received a diagnosis of 4 bulging discs and arthritis of my pelvis. I was told I was looking at a lifetime of pain and no physical activity except for walking. I was defeated and depressed. Inna would not accept that diagnosis and after physical therapy I began the Starting Strength program. It changed my life. With Inna's expert coaching and extremely careful and protective nature I am now squatting, bench pressing, overhead pressing and doing chin ups all pain free. I am building muscles, getting lean and most importantly getting strong and healthy all while strengthening my back. I am forever grateful to Inna for taking me from a life of constant back pain and fear to a strong,healthy, active life."

    -Cory Glaubach

    Cory has begun deadlifting successfully and pain free.


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    You have done an amazing job with Cory, Inna. To see where she is now from where she was just a couple of months ago is pretty incredible. Keep up the good work!
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