I met Rori at the physical therapy facility she worked at last year. I have always been into strength training and cardiovascular conditioning. Rori asked me if I wanted to start training with her and learn power-lifting as well as nutritional planning. I want everyone to know that I was in great shape for a 47 year old and had the foundations of lifting, as I am a physical education teacher and personal trainer.
Rori and I began our journey in July 2014. Since then I have competed in 2 power-lifting meets, placing 1st in my age group in the first and placing 7th in my bracket for the second, which was only split by weight class. I am about to compete in my third meet this August 1st, my first USAPL event.
I never imagined the gains I would have made with this type of training, something I new nothing about. You must believe in the process. Her nutritional background as well as her knowledge in this sport has changed my body with amazing results. Rori is an amazing strength and conditioning coach.