A buddy and I had the luck to catch Tom at Crossfit Oakland for a 2-on-1 session this weekend, and it was among the most productive time I've spent learning about moving barbells.

He is clearly an analytic thinker of the highest order, but gives great cues, simple movement progressions, and great verbal instructions to cut directly to one's shortcomings on lifts. It was our first time receiving real coaching on any barbell lift (as mediocre HS football weight room time doesn't count), but we both entered the session with zero ability to execute anything remotely near a proper Power Clean and left with a strong idea of how to perform the lift, improved-if-imperfect form, and a few drills and other ideas to help us progress on it in the future.

He also gave us some great tips for programming to facilitate long-term strength progress while working on our PT test scores. This is hugely important because it lets us get out of idiotic unit-PT and dedicate more resources to our meaningful training.

We drove about 120 miles from Monterey, but would strongly recommend anyone within that range try to get out to Tom if there are issues with form and a general need or desire for external input from a coach. We're looking forward to catching a seminar in the near future and developing further as trainees (and coaches).

Thanks, Tom!