Yesterday, I had my first session with Steve, and I couldn't be more excited to schedule more sessions in the future.

I am the furthest thing from a seasoned athlete... My fearless best friend conned me into trying (and failing miserably) at squatting; it was a shambles, it was uncomfortable, and my knees and back hurt. Clearly I was doing everything wrong. Some time later, I was reading The Art of Manliness, and the Barbell Strength Training Series intrigued me. After reading Starting Strength, I became acutely aware of how much my I had butchered nearly every point of form in my first attempt. The mechanics of the right way made perfect sense in theory, but I didn't know anyone who could help me perform them. I also didn't want someone who'd insist that I "look up while squatting" (ahem, no), so I found the SS Coaches Directory. Steve's location is not quite a 2-hour drive from me (coming from Georgetown), but yesterday proved that the drive is well worth it!

This was my first experience with a trainer in any field of fitness, so I was a little nervous at first. After reading about the trainers on staff at 210 CrossFit, it's like walking amongst the Gods to enter - what's a novice to do? When met with Steve's encouraging and enthusiastic personality, though, my apprehension faded away. I never felt rushed or thought that he was displeased with my beginner status. He was relaxed and personable, but thorough in his explanations so that I could improve with each set. I am extremely happy with the way my first session turned out, and I wouldn't train with anyone other than Steve. He's clearly the best of the best.