John Petrizzo Testimonial (plus Wolf, Nick, Inna, and Brent) John Petrizzo Testimonial (plus Wolf, Nick, Inna, and Brent)

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Thread: John Petrizzo Testimonial (plus Wolf, Nick, Inna, and Brent)

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    Default John Petrizzo Testimonial (plus Wolf, Nick, Inna, and Brent)

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    First, simply a hat-tip to every SS coach we've worked with, whether at a camp (I have attended two, my husband, three), or one-on-one. Every coach - John, Michael Wolf, Nick D'Agostino Inna Koppel, and Brent Carter - has been exceptional to work with. It is a testament to SS that each coach is knowledgeable, and clearly has the expertise to train to their client's needs. Anyone hiring a SSC can feel confident they're in good hands.

    To make a long, dramatic story short, I have two herniated disks. It wasn't until having two episodes of 'throwing my back out,' in quick succession (with the new addition of IT band pain), and a talk with a smart doctor, that I realized it is an issue I've had since my late teens. The previous episodes had been so few and far between, I didn't realize it was chronic. Being mid-40s, obese, practically sedentary, and having a desk job didn't help. This time, the pain was mind-boggling. But, I had recently found a love of lifting, and didn't want to stop (which may be the understatement of the year). I was hurting, and depressed.

    I went to John specifically to learn how to continue the program with my issues (which, now that I know what I know, are embarrassingly common). I honestly thought I'd have to give up, and wouldn't be able to lift any longer. That was in April. Three months later, with just a couple of tweaks to my form and a modified program, my back feels great, my IT band issue is nearly gone, and I've added ~20# to each of my lifts. I've had only one disk flare-up, which lasted merely one day, where in the past, it would have taken at least a week to recover. I attribute that directly to getting stronger.

    My husband and I went to John for a form check last week. Again, I received excellent feedback and direction, added back-off sets, and am having the time of my life. It feels great to have lifting goals again, and know they are goals I can achieve.

    Thank you, John!

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    Hi Tae,

    Thanks for taking the time to write a testimonial. While I am happy that I have been able to help you, I am even happier that you and your husband have had positive experiences working with several of our other coaches as well.

    Keep up the great work!

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