I am starting my third week of SS, and I would be remiss if I didn't join the forums and post about my positive experiences.

I was a xc runner in high school, and swam and biked for fun. Triathlon was a natural draw when I got to college (the pretty girls helped). After 4 years of competing for the Texas A&M tri club at Nationals, regionals and Ironman branded events, my body was smoked. All sorts of weird and embarrassing stuff was cropping up (ED, low libido, sleep disturbances etc.) and I decided to take a break from aerobic training.

My roommate loaned me a copy of SS a while back, and I decided to train with him at the student rec center. Three weeks in and the changes are quite drastic. Needless to say, this system is quite brilliant, and I'm hooked. The ED and low libido are completely resolved. I have a feeling that years of nearly uninterrupted aerobic work had something to do with those issues.

Anyways, thanks Mark and company, for all ya'lls hard work. Keep it up.