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Thread: Two tremendous Coaches in San Antonio, TX - Austin and Steve

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    Default Two tremendous Coaches in San Antonio, TX - Austin and Steve

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    This past June I attended a family event in San Antonio, TX. I was only in town 4 days, but took advantage of the visit to train and improve my lifting technique with two Starting Strength Coach, Dr. Austin Baraki and Steve Galvan.

    It was thrilling and hectic to get in 6 training sessions in just 4 days. I started with Steve Galvan, ownder/operator of Crossfit 210 who worked with me on all the major lifts, as well as the Clean and Jerk which I wanted to learn. Steve is first off just a great guy. He's funny, full of life, and provides a ton of positive reinforcement. Most importantly he's a true professional when it comes to coaching. He seems to be running a great business. I was very impressed not only with how nice his staff was but with the great rapport among all the gym members. Great Experience.

    Dr. Austin Baraki had just moved into town a couple of weeks before I arrived to begin his residency at one of the local hospitals, but he was all set up to train with me in his garage gym. Austin, a former collegiate swimmer, is now a competitive powerlifter. He has such a keen eye for the finer details of proper technique - I don't think he missed a single mis-step I made. He pointed out my faults, and step-by-step got me into better form in the Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Press, Rows, and Power Clean. Meticulous I would say describes him best.

    I kept with my barbell training once I got back home and even got my 18-yr old son to start training with me in the gym. Now we've ordered equipment to set up a gym at home and my wife and 15-yr old son are anxious about starting. And, when I found out there's a local powerlifting meet taking place I decided to sign up. I contacted Austin and in several e-mail exchanges he guided me along right up to the competition. It was and awesome experience. At age 44 and under 70kg bodyweight, in just 4 months of training I went from an empty bar to Powerlifting 750 lbs.

    It wouldn't have been possible without the great coaching and training advice I got from both Steve and Austin. I wish them both continued success in their careers and training. Thanks guys!!

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    It was a pleasure coaching you, Gilad. Let me know if you're ever visiting in SA again!

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