My name is Jeb Baker. I first heard about Rip and the Program through James Yeager's forum GOTX. I looked everything up and purchased the third edition of the books. I was strongly encouraged by Yeager to get training. He is a trainer himself. With that I found the Kingwood Strength and Conditioning. This is where Andy comes in.

I visited with Andy about a week ago. I and my girlfriend did not know exactly what to expect. It was great. We worked on 4 out of the five lifts. Andy was gave us detailed instruction that simply cannot be gleaned from the book. We thought we would do well but there were some specific things that he coached that changed everything about how the lifts feel and the power produced. He helped us with all the little novice things that novices do that novices don't know that they do!!

I look forward to visiting with Andy again in the near future.

Thanks Andy.

PS. Mark, Andy, I have always put off and been discouraged by lifting and going to the gym. I now look forward and cannot wait to hit the gym. I have been at this now for a little over a month and I feel like a little kid going to the swimming pool in the summer!!! I cant get enough. I know I am late to the game but I'm gonna get what I can get!!

P.S.S If you make an appointment with Andy. Don't worry. He will be there on time.