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    Hi, my name is Nick, it's been a long journey till diet, turned on to Rippe and SS. I got a gym membership 3 years ago, I was in bad shape only 32 years old, suffer from herniations and anxiety and depression, at a point I was walking with a cane. I started out by taking my pain management Dr's advice to swim. I couldnt really swim at that point so I walked laps, from there I doggie paddled, then after a long time I started doing lap swimming, I wasnt eating clean however, so I never lost weight. Ibthen started doing cardio(recumbent bike) and swimming. My back pain let up some so I started a low carb diet, which Id done before and had great results. So I joined three classes taught by a great pt at my gym(he turned me on to SS) he had a M,W and friday class. Monday was Strength and conditioning, Wednesday circuit amd core on the machines followed by the prowler sled amd Friday Hiit, which included alot of sled work and battling ropes, I did this for over a year, while dieting low carb and doing an additional hour of cardio, the trainer always said how bad the cardio was, but I didn't listen because I was dropping so much weight, long story short I went from over 350lbs to 180. So I didnt do his classes and went on my own, doing alot of prowler exercises and batrling ropes, farmers walks. I did this for some months then decided I wasnt getting stronger, so I tried body buildong ony own and was lost, the same trainer seene trying hard, hed always given me articles on strenfth trainingany by Rip. So three months ago I got the book, still reading it, hired the trainer for awhile till money got in the way. I never knew how to squat or bench properly. Ive been on the novice program for about 2 months now, I went from 180 to 225 in weight in that time and am very happy with the program. I now feel like I have a plan, training plan, not just wondering and wandering. I read the book often. Slowly, alot of times rereading till I understand the subject and watch Rips videos often. This is my testimony . Here is a pic when I first joined and a after pic. Thanks SS and Rip for your knowledge amd wisdom in this field, my trainer said he wished Rip was aeound when he started, my trainer used to be a competitive lifter and holds many records for this area. Im going to have to put my pics up later I just have a smartphone and cant add from the attachment area?

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    After the hardwork

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