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    This is a review for coaching with Joseph Leppo in Jacksonville Florida.

    Joe knew very well what he was doing. When he screened my form, he never hesitated or had to think about what he was looking for. I do some personal training myself and I personally know that it takes a lot to be able to screen for many things without using your aides (books, notes, pictures, etc.) let alone doing it easily. Coaching someone else is a completely different ballgame from coaching yourself or even giving advice.

    Joe was very eager to help me and gave me his full attention. He never once even looked at his phone; in fact I donít think he even had it in the room. He will err on the side of giving you more time rather than less. It was starting to get late but he never rushed me. He genuinely wanted me to succeed and to be available for me in the future. I feel confident that I can rely on him for any SSC question. He is well beyond me in his progress so he is able to tell me how things will pan out and how to navigate them as I advance in progression (how the returns will change, his experience with the Texas Method, using the split routine, etc.). You will definitely get your moneyís worth with Joe. I drove two hours down (and two back) all in one day and it was definitely worth it. Donít hesitate to see him.

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    I contacted Joe expressing my interest in using the Starting Strength method to supplement my swim training regimen. Before we even met for our first session Joe had been in contact with other coaches and drawn from his own competitive swimming experience to draw up a program that would work for me.

    We have covered squat, press, deadlift, bench, and power clean. I am very impressed by Joe's patience and refusal to accept anything less than perfect technique. He has answered all the questions I had about the various lifts and provided me with several articles breaking down the mechanics.

    I have been very happy with Joe's coaching and the results I have gotten in my first few weeks with Starting Strength.

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    I had my first session with Coach Joe Leppo today and I'm very pleased with the results. We went over the Squat, Press and Deadlift. Joe clearly knows what to look for and his cues were very useful in helping me to achieve correct form on all three lifts. His advise on programming was very sound and I will follow it. He was very professional and thorough during the entire session, which lasted all of three hours. I will definitely schedule another session him. If you're in the area (northeast Florida or southeast Georgia) and you need help with strength training, I urge you to go see Joe, you won't be disappointed.

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