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    Dear Rip, I basically just want to celebrate my success with you here. Not sure this is the right forum but take my chances anyway. Half a year back you and Tom helped me getting started here in Copenhagen, Denmark. I went from CrossFit to a local powerlifting club doing my own SS program based on what Ive learned from your books. Last Saturday I went to my first competition. AND IT WAS GREAT!! It was a small local competition, but with real judges and a small audience. I got green lights on all three attempts on all 3 lifts and positive feedback from my peers on my technical performance. That felt amazing. Added bonus was that I got 3 new PRs with 320 pounds in backsquat (+11 pounds), 226 pounds in bench (+5 pounds) and 419 pounds in deadlift (+ 44 pounds). I was able to keep my nerves cool and head clear and focus on the lifts despite audience and people shouting. Im looking forward to my next chance at this. Rip, thanks a lot for your great books they are very useful to me.
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