My wife and I have a really good endocrinologist, have known him a while, he does listen to what we say; he knows I played for LSU and half way know enough to not sound like an idiot of physiology around an MD.

His 15 year old is playing football, and their school has started a PL team. The interchange was very interesting:

Doc: Yea, my kid is now on the PL team. At 5'8'' and 155 he knows he needs to gain a lot of weight. But the coaches do not know what the *** they are doing. I am concerned because every time I see kids start free weights they get hurt. Some adults too.

Me: Yep, I know, the coaches are usually clueless. Go to, get the book, do the program. If you can, go to the website and find a SS coach to come show the PL coach and kids what to do.

Wife: Coach Rip is the absolute BEST coach on the planet. Do not let your kid do PL until he reads the book and shows it to his coaches.

Doc: Great, we will get him the book asap. Thanks.

Get this; my wife has NEVER done SS, only watched some Youtube's and has seen some of the DVD. When we competed in BB way back in the 80s she did do squats and all, but now in our 50s she is content with our home gym. Busy mom and all. But she freely admits that SS type programs are superior to machine/dumbbell stuff as far as producing results.

Keep it up Coach Rip and you other coaches, the word is getting out.