An online consultation with Andy Baker was one of the best investments Iíve made in my training.

Iím nearing 50, and was having a very difficult time making the transition from novice to intermediate. Iíd tried several of the programs laid out in Practical Programming (and other programs that I saw in the SS forums), but kept getting stuck or having minor injuries, and was tired of lost weeks and resets.

Based on his detailed questionnaire, Andy gave me a program that was specifically suited to my training level, my age, my goals, my schedule, and my available equipment. The program was so clear and well-designed that I did not have a lot of followup questions, but whenever I did, Andy got back to me right away.

More than 6 months into the program, I am STILL making weekly progress with all my lifts, seeing noticeable changes to my physique, and remain motivated and injury-free.

I could see myself running this program through the end of the year, but if/when I need a major overhaul to my programming, I would not hesitate to consult with Andy again.