The importance of getting some eyes on you! The importance of getting some eyes on you!

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Thread: The importance of getting some eyes on you!

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    Default The importance of getting some eyes on you!

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    I recently met with someone who had read SS and was trying to do the lifts on his own and with his trainer. He came down from Massachusetts to Brooklyn so he could get a SS Coaches eyes on him. Nice testimonial about how important it is to get some qualified coaching!


    Thank you very much for a fantastic hour (and fifteen minutes) of coaching on the four basic barbell lifts. I have over two pages of notes from our session, and I learned something fundamentally important about each lift. It really is not adequate to read about this stuff, or watch videos. I wasn't even aware I was making most of the mistakes you caught and helped me begin to fix.

    There is, a little to my surprise, an aesthetic pleasure to a well-executed back squat at work-set weight, just as there is to hitting a baseball or tennis ball well.

    I am hoping to get back to CFSB on a regular basis, ideally every eight weeks or so. I am sure having a chance to work with you on an ongoing basis will help me to make progress and avoid injury, which are my key fitness goals for 2016.

    - David "Otter" Mark

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    Hey I agree,

    proper coaching is more than a luxury I feel that it's a necessity.

    We go to school for many years and are taught by teachers, we start jobs we are trained by those that know more than us, we play team sports we are coached as a matter of fact.

    There is no difference, the complexity of the sport does not change just because there is a single participant or 50 participants.

    You want to do it well, you do it with a proper coach.

    At the same time, I taught myself everything I know just by reading the book. I even built my own power cage. Was it optimal? No. Did it work? Yes, to my satisfaction.

    I agree completely, coaching is necessary if you wish to do something right and if you don't like wasting time.

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