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    I want to post my appreciation for Emily Socolinsky's coaching here for others in the area who might be considering a training session. My wife and I paid a visit to FiveX3 training in Baltimore on a Friday a few weeks ago. We spent two hours being coached on Squat, Deadlift and Press. My wife is a relative newbie, and I've been lifting for a few years, but had some form tweaks I needed to make.

    Emily did an excellent job getting my wife started, and giving her a general appreciation for the form on each lift. She walked away with an appreciation of training and the depth of the material presented in the Starting Strength method. For me, Emily identified immediate ways to make my deadlift form more efficient and consistent. I went from feeling like I was hurting my lower back every time I lifted to feeling like my whole posterior chain was involved in the lift. She also helped me identify a few fixes to my squat that helped me lean over better on the descent and use my hips better on the ascent. On press, she went over the transition to the 2.0 form with me, and, well, I still need some practice here. I've been thankful to be able to use video form checks with coaches on this board, but in-person coaching was ten times better. As a followup, she sent a summary email back on my form, and she's reviewed some followup video of my training to check on progress.

    I've waited a few weeks to write a review, because I want to feel the difference in my training to give a valid opinion. My training is going better. Much better. My numbers are on the way back up. My previously tweaky back is in remission, and my training is making it stronger. I now deadlift small cars with ease. Just kidding. In summary, Emily's a very knowledgeable and experienced, and professional coach. I'd highly recommend her coaching to both seasoned and novice trainees.


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    Thank you for your testimonial. It was a pleasure working with you and your wife. I am glad that I had the chance to give Lili the tools to begin her own strength journey. I hope to see her again. Your video updates show great improvement in your form. I am happy to continue our correspondence and provide you with quick form checks as needed. Good luck to both of you and thank you again for your testimonial. It is greatly appreciated.


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