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    I had the chance to get some form checks last night with Noah. I highly recommend that anyone in the New England area doing the Starting Strength type of training schedule as least a check up with him.

    He's thorough, professional and able to convey cues and information in multiple ways so that I could understand it. We went over my squat form, which was pretty good with the exception that I had the bar about 1/2" too high. He provided clear and concise tips on how to incorporate this into my training without slowing my training. My ultimate goal is a 600lb squat, the 1/2" could be the difference. He also taught me how to power clean properly as well as showed me how to stretch so that I can get my rack better on front squats and cleans. The last topic we covered was the Press 2.0. I've watched the videos and read the book but was missing something. His explanation and hand on coaching helped me get it.

    Again, I can't recommend Noah enough to those people in New England who want to get some professional coaching, he's worth every penny. I will be using his service again as spot checks to make sure my form is spot on.


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    How does it work? Do you have to be a member of his gym? Or does he come to your gym?

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