Rip just wanted to mention Jayson and Feral Fitness. I competed in the recent Starting Strength meet. Feral was the closest one to Syracuse. After 20 plus years of competing (mediocre lifter, but I love it) I decided to make this my last meet (injuries, but I will still train). It was a small meet but I had a great time. The people I coach/mentor now regret not doing the meet. But are looking forward to the next one. Hell if I had an extra singlet with me my wife was ready to join in at the last moment. It was cool when Jayson mention to the crowd it was my last one and they clapped as I did my final pull. Choke me a bit. Now I will mentor the young ones who train in my gym and spread the word of Starting Strength. And if they need coaching I will tell them go see Jayson at Feral Fitness.