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Thread: SS Coach NIck Klemetson, Waiverly, IA

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    Had a chance to work with Coach last week and it was amazing. If you're in the Twin Cities area or in Iowa, don't pass up the opportunity. Easygoing, funny, and incredibly knowledgeable/discerning, he helped me vastly improve my bench and squat form with ease and clarity. The two movements have never felt better for me. An excellent communicator and coach (I've had many through high school and D2 collegiate athletics), he taught me the powerclean and diligently worked with me until it was right. Never condescending, never dismissive, never not willing to address any questions or concerns I had, whether they were diet or training related. He really cares about what he teaches and it shows. He even offered the session to me at a discount, because he was stuck in traffic on the way up (he drove 3 hours in the pouring rain in traffic to the Twin Cities for a session). Coach Klemetson is solid as hell. Again, if you're in the Twin Cities area, or anywhere between there and Waiverly, I can't recommend him enough. Hope to work with him again asap.

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    I agree with this 100%. I had a session with Coach Nick today at his place in IA and it was fantastic. tfranc already said everything better than I could so there's not much to add. I've never felt better with my squat or bench, and I now feel like I actually understand how to properly power clean. Thanks Nick!

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