Your clarity has transformed my life. Thank you for rescuing me from uselessness.

Now I train 2 hours a week and perform 3.3 hours of accessory exercises. My previous “accessory” exercising required 7 hours. So I went from failing to amazing success, and saving 1.7 hours a week. OH… and I’m more useful now.

Tale of the tape
- age 62
- weight 270 lbs
- college Football linebacker D1 (knee injury)
- Plane, car and bicycle crashes (assorted back and knee injuries)
- Triathlete (aka general know-it-all with religious objections to weight training)
- 71 days into the program

SQ: -0x5 -> 185x5 Early attempts at zero weight failed, -0 seemed fair
DL: 115x5 -> 180x5 (vs first attempt with full weights available)

Engaging the full might of INTERNET FITNESS EXPERTS, led to a 7 hour per week low intensity high volume exercise program resulting in a downward spiral of reinjury over 12 years. This left me using a cane and looking at walkers.

My brother John, mentioned your book.... Where has this been???

I was weak, a tweak or two from morbidity. In fact, after 185 pound increases in the Squat, I'm still weak.

My next couple rounds of 100 lb increases in the squat and dead life, will be important, but trivial compared to that first round.

Just focus on form, and do your five, get your protein, get enough sleep. Listen to podcasts for motivation… or look at other old people.

Just like my health and strength were stolen, I'm stealing them back. Your mindset is contagious. I’m doing things I haven’t been able to do in 10 or more years.

Dr. Jonathan Sullivan is a treasure.

Favorite quote: “Bad form is a result of not enough yelling.”
The essence of good form is passion for good form.

We are in an epidemic of atrophy, poly pharmacy, protracted morbidity, and uselessness. Your program is the cure. God bless you!