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    I had three coaching sessions with Jerome Wisneski, one of the newer SSCs, last month right before he left Western Pennsylvania for Arizona. He was professional, easy to work with, and a credit to the organization. I'm borderline older and fairly unathletic lifter who has struggled with recovery and form, but he met me where I was at and helped me get my squat back into PR territory, and, at my request, helped me get re-started with power cleans. His cues were super helpful and he was full of good advice between sets. Working with him over the course of a couple of weeks really helped me to calibrate my own assessments of my form when I review videos of my worksets. If time and geography had allowed, I would've kept seeing him. t gather that Jerome passed the SSC exam on his first try, which attests both to his aptitude and to the mentoring he got from Professor Racculia. I highly recommend him.

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    Thanks for the kind words! I enjoyed working with you and helping you through the power cleans. I hope your training has been going well!

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