I had a coaching session with Alex Kennedy of the Atlanta Barbell Club. It was fantastic. 10/10.

Now, I'm strictly a late night, basement lifter--my budget and time constraints don't allow gym membership. But after four years of lifting with SS and then 5/3/1, I wanted to tune up my technique in the four lifts (Squat, Deadlift, Press, Bench). It was time to take my lifting to the next level. I'm thrilled that I did.

Alex is wonderful, a great teacher with an excellent eye and he's obviously spent a lot of time lifting himself. In 90 minutes (I booked an extended session), we went through all the lifts. I brought along my training log and took two pages of bullet point notes, which are now a personalized and prioritized list of what to work on for each lift. I learned a lot and I was delighted.

Incidentally, a few months ago I brought my 11 year old son for a session at Alex's old location. My kid beat bone cancer four years ago and he has an endo-prosthetic knee. I wanted him to learn to squat (even air squat). Alex had him squatting to depth by the end of session.

The new location is terrific: spacious, squat racks and platforms galore, top of the line equipment. Friendly members who are serious about getting strong (I liked seeing training logs, phone set up to video technique, dozens of pairs of lifting shoes and belts in the cubby area, etc. ).

If you're near Atlanta and want to take your lifting up a notch (or several), book a session with Alex.