I had my first session with Mia Inman (Yellow Springs, OH area) last night after months of frustrating squat progress despite reading the squat section of the book and watching countless SS videos. In one session, she had my squat closer to perfection than it's ever been.
Mia is obviously very experienced - she knows exactly which cue to hone in on for each set to make maximum use of session time. The facilities she trains clients in are very well-equipped and clean. My training partner and I learned a great deal from the session - it was very proficiently guided by Mia without being intimidating for either of us. For the first time in a while, I am not dreading my next squat day, and I feel far more optimistic about my long-term form prospects on the exercise. We made a roughly 90 minute drive for our session, but it was well worth it, and we will both be back soon. If you live in Cincinnati like us or another area where the nearest SS coach is a decent drive away and you need form help, don't hesitate to visit them, and if Mia is near you, I recommend her services highly.