About a week ago, I had the following experience and just had to reach out to thank the person that wrote this book and stef emailed me back suggesting I post this on the Q&A forum so here goes.

I injured my back 20 some odd years ago doing squats the "right" way. Always look up, keep that back straight and put the bar high up on the shoulders right behind the neck. For 20 years I thought improper form was what caused the nagging injury I received that fateful day when I came up slightly off balance while doing a rep with several hundred pounds.

The thing is, I always thought the squats I was doing felt a little off. Like I was constantly fighting the tendency to fall forward. After following the advice in Starting Strength, I finally figured out why.

I went to the gym yesterday after reading the squat chapter and racked some weight. I got under the bar, made sure to position it lower than I ever had before between the shoulders and the shoulder blades, picked it up, took a step back and instead of the tried and true mantra of looking up, I looked slightly down just like it says in the book. Then I did a rep. You cannot imagine the elation I experienced after coming back up and realizing that was the most balanced, perfect, natural squat rep I have ever done. It was the first rep I did with absolutely no pain and instead of feeling like I was 40, I felt like I was 20 again. And today for the first time in two decades, all I feel is sore from a workout and not sore from a post-workout bad back.

Thank you so much.

Like I said, that was over a week ago and I've been in the gym a couple of times since then and it's almost fun to do squats now whereas before it was something I dreaded knowing the ensuing pain. Why this isn't the form taught I will never understand as I can't say I recall ever seeing anybody do it the precise way it is detailed in the book but for me at least, I'm a convert!