Just thought I'd update some people on my progress using TM for powerlifting. I decided to finally compete in a USAPL sanctioned event a couple of months ago. I had 14 weeks from the date I signed up to the day of the meet, results below.

Squat 340 to 380
Bench 240 touch-n-go to 259 paused
Deadlift 420 to 429
Press 135x5 to 145x5
Body weight 185-202

As you can see I had a lot of success and absolutely plan on using this template to get ready for my next meet, when I decide to go again. Couldn't be happier with squat and bench but would have liked to see more on the deadlift. This was partially my fault, 429 felt really good for my second lift so I got aggressive and went for 440, took it to the shins before a massive pec cramp caused me to drop. I may tweak the program slightly to incorporate more heavy pulling on volume day. I enjoy power cleans but only got up to 235 for a hand full of reps. I think next time I'll jut go wth a set of 5 deadlifts for volume day. The only reason I'd change the program is because I ran it for 14 weeks and have experience with how my body responds. Just missed my 1100lb total goal but like I said, couldn't be happier!