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    I just want to give a big thanks to and testimonial for Emily. Historically, I had been like many lifters - I did my "bro split" and almost exclusively relegated free weights to the upper body. I had been attempting to correct that problem for about 6 months on my own when I emailed Emily. I'd been trying to do the fashionable ATG (which for me meant very rounded) squats, along with a nearly squatted deadlift - very low hips. My back was increasingly bothering me - sciatica, hip pain, etc. After being told I probably had disc issues by a sports medicine doctor (who also told me that the Valsalva herniates discs), I was out a few hundred bucks and one step from abandoning the compound lifts altogether and doing "aesthetics" for life. After coming across a post of Emily's on the forum about her past back issues, I reached out to her. Despite my being a day's drive away, she proceeded to correspond with me, give me advice, and (most importantly) urge me very strongly to find a coach. I found one within decent proximity, and my lifting partner and I are now making great progress on the SS program with SSC Mia Inman.

    While Emily and I have never met nor directly worked together, I would to recommend her to anyone based on her willingness to give her time and advice - in my case with no monetary reward in sight. If it hadn't been for that willingness, I'd probably still be in pain and much weaker, or I'd have given up any non-bench compound lifts altogether. Thanks!

    More broadly, I've been incredibly impressed with the entire SSC community - I've gotten help a handful of times through the site from them, and as long as you read the sticky for the forum before you post , they are more than willing to help. Based on the value of the forums and coaches alone, I'd recommend the SS program to anyone who is looking to get stronger and deciding on a program. In weeks, I've experienced progress I previously would have struggled to make in months.

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    My pleasure. I am so glad to know that you have been getting coaching from Mia. Keep up the great progress and thank you for taking the time to talk about the SS community. Our coaches are some of the best of the best in this industry. Use us.

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