Brodie Butland taught my wife to squat. If you knew her, you would know that this statement is shocking.

My lovely bride is as athletic a person as modern yoga produces -- that is, not at all. She came to barbell training only after noticing her family history of osteoporosis, but she was not enthusiastic about trying it. I think she had never even seen a squat performed, as her first question was how to get the barbell in front of her in the rack onto her shoulders.

Her first try was a complete mess. Way too deep, no noticeable tightness, barbell swinging around, almost fell over. But at the end, she squatted sets of five with a 45 pound bar and wanted to add weight to the bar. I can't think of person with less body awareness or athletic experience, but she is now a competent low-bar back squatter. It was amazing to see. Bodie can teach anybody.