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    Dear Mark and the rest of the Staring strength team,

    Iíve spent the past nine months working my way through the Starting Strength novice program.

    This is how my stats have changed:
    Height: 182 cm (5'12")
    Weight: From 79 to 91 kg (pounds 174 to 200)

    Squat: From 5RM at 85 kg to 5RM at 157,5 kg (pounds 187 to 347)
    Deadlift: From 5RM at 130 kg to 5RM at 180 kg (pounds 286 to 397)
    Press: From 5RM at 50 kg to 3RM at 66 kg (pounds 110 to 145)
    Bench press: From 5RM at 85 kg to 3RM at 108 kg (pounds 187 to 238)

    It has been a hard, but amazing process. Thank you for sharing your experience, humor and grit and enabling me to do it.

    Iím looking forward to continued progress when I now turn to the Texas method.

    Kind regards,
    Jens Julsrud

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    Way to go Jens! Those are done great numbers you put up!

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