Importance of checking testosterone at any age Importance of checking testosterone at any age

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Thread: Importance of checking testosterone at any age

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    Default Importance of checking testosterone at any age

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    First, I wanted to express how grateful I am that I've discovered Starting Strength. I've been doing it for a little over a year now, and have made great progress and discovered a passion I really hadn't had before. As a result of my passion, I attended a seminar a couple months ago, and one of the biggest topics discussed was testosterone. Now I'm 27, so I didn't think it was going to be so relevant to me. But since it's easy enough to check, I decided to get a blood test. Turns out I'm at 334 ng/dL. Despite what my doctor says (complete quack), this sounds quite low for my age, especially based on what I'm reading in the forums.

    My next step is to take another blood test to confirm this result, and if confirmed, I'll continue reading the forums and may post additional questions if needed. But I write this testimonial because I don't believe people in their 20s/30s think to check for testosterone. Also, if you have low t and an incompetent doctor, then you won't know that you have low t. For me, I've been struggling to make strength gains recently, and in general I don't get very good sleep, and my mood has been low for years. If my testosterone explains my depression, then this blood test may very well be a life-changer for me. So thanks to everyone in the SS community for pointing me in the direction to check and for giving me context into what range is normal.

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    Good sleep is essential for optimal testosterone production.

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