I had 3 sessions with Kelli recently. Prior to the appointments, I had been doing Stronglifts for about a year while losing weight and just focusing on form rather than strength progress. As such, I was pretty confident in my form at least in my squat and deadlift. With Kelli's advice on my form, we added about 40 lbs to each of those lifts in the first session, and she fixed my terrible form in the presses. Kelli was such a good coach that I decided to go back for seconds and thirds despite the round trip being over 4 hours for me. I've been on Starting Strength in earnest for about 4 weeks now, and I've put an additional 60lbs on squat and deadlift just like the program lays out. I'm thrilled with my progress and I'm very confident that I will continue to see success, and I definitely owe that to Kelli's training. My biggest mistake was not going much earlier.