I'm currently working the Christmas season at a theater in Pigeon Forge, TN.

You may have heard in the news, there were terrible forest fires that happened here in the past month. Many people lost their homes and places of employment.

In the first few weeks after the fire, the strength gains I made with SS helped me spend hours, without breaks, loading trucks with supplies for different shelters in the area. Yesterday, I worked a charity event in which we provided toys and food for families hurt by the fires. The other performers and myself were paired up with various children throughout the day, helping them pick out toys and carrying the giant bags full of toys for them. We also helped families load the supplies into their cars. If you'd seen how these children lit up, who had recently lost so much, it would melt your heart. At the end of the day most everyone else was tired, whereas I could've easily continued for hours.

Other volunteers have thanked me throughout this time for working hard, with a smile on my face, throughout all the cold and physical exertion. Truly though, the credit goes to an amazing coach who has devoted his time to educating us plebs on how to build our strength in an effective manner.

I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart Coach Rip, you've helped me be someone that's able to better contribute to the community.