Hello there,

I feel the need to thank you, Mr. Rippetoe, Mr. Baker and Dr. Kilgore, for the excellent books that have profoundly changed my training, my perception of and my thinking about training, and ultimately my life.
I have been excercising for over two decades. In my youth, i did some bodybuilding shows (I know, and i am not proud). I dabbled in strongman competitions, but the Overhead Events were always my downfall. I always wanted to be bigger and stronger, but only had a vague idea of what to do. I started the novice LP in June last year, 39 years old, at a very lean 190lbs at 6'1" and gained 20lbs in the first 6 months. After years of no real progress, this was a revelation.

Starting Strength rekindled the fire to train in me. Though I have always "trained" (excercised i know now), and never lacked motivation, now i burn for every workout like in the old days. From the perspective of others, i may have seemed "athletic", but for me, i was never strong enough, or big enough. I worked hard, but lacked direction. Thank you.

Many thanks also to all the other SS coaches who write here. I've read Andy Baker's and Jordan Feigenbaum's blog and articles so far, started the Podcasts and videos, and of course reading many of the threads on this forum. Now that I'm almost 40, i've perceived a change in recovery ability creeping up on me. The Forum was very helpful in adjusting the programming.
Every time i have a question and want to ask about it here, i find it was already answered in another thread. Everything is covered.

Now I'm saving up to get my old ass to a seminar, and to get online coaching.

My story is that of just another one out of thousands of snowflakes - not special. But i wanted to thank you, because for me, discovering Starting Strength was very special.
So there: thank you.