Just wanted to say thank you to John Janecek-strength and conditioning coach at Longview High School.

I am the new strength and conditioning coach in Lone Oak, Texas. After trying to convince my Athletic Director/HFC of a different approach to our offseason, I had him get in contact with John who I shared similar ideas with.

Getting sport coaches to understand the difference between a "workout" and training can be an uphill battle. Everybody wants to " make em tough" but noone gives a damn how " tough" you are if you squat 95lbs. John was readily available to share his time and knowledge, and his podcast with Rip was helpful too.

Our program now revolves around the basic barbell movements. We squat deep, and we squat often. We front squat, we deadlift, we clean, we press. There is no wasted time, very few whistles, and everything we do serves a purpose. There are no confusing charts, no limiting percentages, just kids lifting heavy weight and choosing to be strong. Our kids have grown tremendously, see daily progress, and have bought in more than ever to what we are doing. They understand the simplicity of a great weight training program.

John truly understands maximizing time with athletes. He is a heck of a guy, with a heck of a lot of knowledge and is always willing to help.