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Thread: Strange mental condition associated with Starting Strength

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    Default Strange mental condition associated with Starting Strength

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    I have noticed a strange mental condition associated with the Starting Strength program. I have succumbed to it myself. This syndrome is characterized by the following bizarre signs:

    1. Constantly practicing squat form when one is not in the gym
    2. Using the frame of an open doorway as a TUBOW to practice keeping knees in place. This can elicit concerned looks from family members.
    3. Noting the position of the thoracic and lumbar spine when the FedEx or UPS delivery person bends to pick up a package
    4. Meeting someone in a professional setting and wondering immediately if they can squat and/or how much they can squat
    5. Loss of attention during business meetings because one is re-reading the squat chapter in Starting Strength Kindle version on one's smartphone
    6. CGRER - "Constant gym-related eye rolling" - this is often brought on by the presence of someone wrist curling in the squat rack, seeing someone performing quarter squats, or the mere sight of a bosu ball.

    In my observations there is only one cure, but it is worse than the disease. The cure is to stop doing the program; however, the physical signs and symptoms are quite severe - generalized weakness, muscular atrophy, lack of motivation, and sloth-like behavior.

    Perhaps others have noticed a similar syndrome and I would be interested if there are other sigs and symptoms that I may have missed.

    Thank you.


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    Welcome to the club.

    What's most interesting is when you flex your abs to pick up a part to load it into a machine without even realizing it.

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    Wish I was joking but my 83 yr old father fell recently and could not get up. I had to lift him from the floor. Somehow I was thinking vertical bar path and what the moment arm is. Drew a valsalva, kept a neutral back, and pushed my feet thru the floor.

    I wish I was kidding about it. That really did happen and I really thought those thoughts.

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    It's unfortunate that your father has not had those thoughts.

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