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Thread: Osteoporosis and weightlifting

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    Default Osteoporosis and weightlifting

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    In 2009 I found out I had osteoporosis, through a study done by the Ghent university Hospital (SIBLOS study). They asked if I was interested to participate in a follow-up, meaning coming in once a year for a DEXA-scan, to see how my osteoporosis progressed. I was told to start taking calcium tablets with vitamin D (500mg Ca, 400 units vit. D). In 2010 the scan revealed that the situation got a little worse, so the asked me to double the calcium and vitamin D intake. Scan in 2011 showed again a slight decrease of bone density. In that year I started with some barbell exercises. I had a young colleague, who had been training for years and he gave me some advice. The scan in 2012 showed some improvement in my bone density. In the next years I learned about starting strength, got stronger and bigger and kept improving my BMD. In 2017 I was told I no longer had osteoporosis. In the same period my bodyweight went from 74kg to 87 kg, of which 8,5kg is lean body mass.I'm 173 cm and I turn 46 in march this year. My (not so impressive) numbers at the moment are:106 kg bench, 146 kg Squat, 180 kg deadlift, 66 kg press, and still progressing.
    I hope this story can help anyone with osteoporosis.


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    Amazing news. Keep it up. This is inspiring

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