This week, I had a chance to get a coaching session from Cassi Niemann at Richmond Balance. I am glad I took the advice from "Atlanta Dave" to see her for help with my squat. I had hoped to pick up a few pointers to help me get some depth. I came away with much more. She has a great understanding of the mechanics of the squat, a good eye to what I needed to work on, and she gave great instruction on some ways to fix it. She also helped me start to address my special little snowflake issue of holding the barbell. Due to an injury I can't yet get into a proper low bar back squat so she worked with me, both in the way I hold the barbell and also put me under a safety squat bar. Almost immediately I felt myself sink deeper into the hole. We were then able to transfer that to some depth on my modified grip of the barbell. It was not easy to convince me to try the safety squat bar. But it certainly showed me what a proper squat depth needs to feel like. I am still trying to figure out how to address the bar grip but I am certain that going to see Cassi was a great move. She also worked with me on my deadlift and press. I had no idea that I was doing those incorrectly but within 5 minutes I could feel a huge difference in both lifts. I was also able to apply some of this to bench press yesterday because it made the written instruction more clear to me. I am de-loading all my lifts to work on form and start climbing back up.