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    Hi, let me start with some background. I'm a 35yo male, 195cm and weight around 110kg. I've been alpine skiing since I was 5, had a long break from it though but restarted when my daughter was of age as I really wanted her to enjoy it also (which she merrily does). In the past few years I've been getting more and more into the alpine thing, skiing, picked up rock/ice climbing, go trekking quite a lot. These days in surveys under hobbies I fill in just one thing: mountaineering.

    The story I want to tell starts with doing an overnight trip a few weeks back with a friend. We had loads of climbing gear, I'd say my backpack was 30+kg and so was his. It wasn't a long hike from the car, around 1km, but everything was frozen and we needed to descend a 45 degree slope with the help of a rope. I was a few meters from the campsite when I stepped on a small slope, lifted my left leg to take a step and my right foot slipped. The right knee did something what felt like a 45 degree valgus with all the weight of myself and my gear on the knee alone, while the rest of the load negotiated to come to terms with gravity. I could feel the ligaments and muscles on the out- and inside of the knee stretching, but didn't hear or feel a pop or anything else. I was 100% sure while I was falling that it's gonna be a heli ride to the hospital and a long recovery. I gave it a few minutes, didn't start swelling, no pain, didn't even feel that uncomfortable or unstable at all. Popped some ibuprofen and we continued with our funny business at the camp, stayed overnight and went home the next day without any problems. The knee was a bit sore the next day and I had other business at a clinic so I showed the knee to a GP and he told me it seems to be ok and to take it easy for a couple of weeks. Had a meeting the next day with an OMPT about my thoracic spine and he gave the all clear to the knee also. I was playing (easy) badminton a few days after that and after a couple of weeks haven't noticed anything wrong with the thing.

    The first thought I got when it started dawning on me that nothing really bad happened regards the knee was: "Thank you squat 2015-2016!" I've been squatting for a year and a half, doing the Starting Strength program and I am pretty sure that without the whole SS thing my knee would now be completely shot. So thanks Rip and thanks to the whole Starting Strength team!

    Me with the gear heading home:

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