Just a quick note. Nothing special.

I'm 45 years old, and haven't lifted seriously since I was 30. Seriously detrained though I spend about a year doing Crossfit when I was 41. I left Crossfit seriously beat down with all kinds of joint issues (tennis elbows, back pains, a nagging lower foot issue, and very little strength gains, but that's another story).

When I was 30, I lifted for hypertrophy, and stalled after 4-5 months with shoulder pains from wide grip bench and OH presses, as well as wide grip behind the neck pulldowns, etc. But, I did have a 1RM bench of 255 at a BW of 200lbs. Not bad for a few months of training. I didn't progressively squat or deadlift. I remember my right arm measure 15.5 inches.

At 45, on January 21st I started SS LP. Bodyweight was 184lbs. Right arm measured 14.25 inches flexed cold. Waist measured 39.5 inches. I started all my lifts really low to avoid debilitating DOMS, but added 20lbs to most everything for a couple weeks, then dropped to 10 for another week and have been doing +5 lbs on all lifts for the last 3 weeks.

Today, a little over 6 weeks later, here is where I'm at:
BW: 194.5lbs (or +10.5 lbs)
Waist: 38" (-1.5 in)
Right Bicep: 14.75" cold (+0.5")
Hips are 1+ thicker
Thighs, both measured in the middle and upper are both up 1"
Squat: 255x5x3 - no sign of slowing down
Bench: 200x5x3 - no sign of slowing
Dead: 270x5x3 - no sign of slowing
Press: 130x5x3 - probably have to drop to 2.5lb increments very soon

I have before and after pictures too, though I'm not sharing them yet.

I would have never thought my strength would be up that high this quick at 45 years old considering the shape I was in just 6 weeks ago.

It works.