Just wanted to say thanks for all the excellent content the site is turning out these days. Phenomenal. A true breath of fresh air in an atmosphere loaded with dumptruck levels of bullshit. You, the SS coaches, and your behind the scenes folks are providing a tremendous service. I try to repay in small ways by buying your books and videos and soon will be seeking out a coach for some private coaching.

For all you skinny bastards wondering if this program works. Stop wondering and start it. My son (17) started the program three weeks ago and has already gained ten solid pounds. Three+ pounds a week ain't bad for a kid who has always struggled to put on weight (started three weeks ago at 5 foot 8 and 120 lbs.). He finally got serious and started listening to his old man.

He's only drinking half a gallon of whole milk a day (on his way to a full gallon) and the weights keep going up. He hopes to be at 150-160 by the fall.

Stop overthinking it. Learn from a coach who's been doing this 40 years. Get bigger. Get stronger. Get a girlfriend. Reap the benefits.