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Thread: Doubled Squat on LP:A nutritionally focused testimonial

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    Iím writing this testimonial specifically to address the lurkers out there who want to do the LP program but are hesitant because they are unsure about what will happen when eating all the food that is required to complete the LP.

    I followed Dr Feigenbaumís TBAB diet protocol and went from 182 to 210 in 4 months while doing my LP. After two decades of horsing around in the gym and accomplishing close to nothing, I doubled my squat and made big improvements in the other lifts too.

    I am convinced I could not have done it without TBAB. Admittedly, I gained a few more lbs than I would have with stricter compliance, but for me, the consequence of not gaining enough and failing an LP seemed much worse than just having a few extra pounds for a short period of time.

    Are you worried about gaining a bunch of weight and turning into a fat slob? Donít. Here is a description of a 28lb weight gain (over 4 months) for a 6 foot tall, 37 year old male:

    I went from 182 to 210. Before the program I was a weak, skinny-fat person, and I typically wore a size 34 pant and size 42 suit jacket. The last 7 or 8 lbs required me to move up to 36 and 44, definitely no more squeezing in. I did not have abs before starting the program and donít have them now. My shirt size has gone from 16.5 to 17. Most slim fit pants no longer work for me either, which I view as a good thing.

    Proportionally, I carry a bit more weight around my waist than before, but this is offset by noticeably wider shoulders and an overall thicker chest/back/traps.
    Once I hit the 20lb gain mark I started hearing some unprompted commentary on my appearance from people I see on a regular basis. Oddly enough, most of the commentary was focused on the increased size of my arms, despite the fact that I havenít done curlz in a year. I also live in Michigan and wear long sleeves. Mrs. Southpaw says she has noticed mostly the middle of my back- there is a lot more of it than there used to be.

    If anyone out there is on the fence, I hope this helps push you toward adhering to the nutritional protocol while doing the program. Weight gain is good. Go get it!

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    squat, bench, dead . . .before and after?


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    My squat went from 135 to 270. 270 is not impressive at all, but 135 start really showed a need for corrective action.
    DL went from 180 to 275.
    Press went from 45 to 115. Started a little light due to tight back and comically bad form.
    Bench went from 160 to 215.

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