Skinny 33 year old to deadlifting 300kg @38 Skinny 33 year old to deadlifting 300kg @38

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Thread: Skinny 33 year old to deadlifting 300kg @38

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    Default Skinny 33 year old to deadlifting 300kg @38

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    This is a blurry me, 33 years old 198 cm, 86 kg bw.

    I found Starting Strength 6 days later.

    Then, I went to a seminar, got coached by Tom Campitelli and hired Jordan for nutrition and programming.

    This is me, 38 years old 198 cm, 119 kg bw, deadlifting 300kg.

    I know, this doesn't make me special, but I will say, it is still flat out amazing to me, that Mark's work here is as effective, as it is.

    Mark, I hope to buy you a steak some day.

    Credit also to Tom Campitelli, who has provided the only hands on coaching, I have ever received. I can't recommend going to his seminars enough.

    Most credit of all to Jordan Feigenbaum. I would never have made it far without his expertise.

    Should anyone feel the need - my last 5 years of training is chronicled in my log.

    Attempting to start strength

    Best regards,


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    This is awesome. Very inspiring. I started lifting weights a few years ago, but bounced around programs...let life get in the way...didn't stick to it until now. I did make some small gains, but now I'm in Leah's training group, and hoping to go a long way. My problem though is fatness, not skinnyness. I need to lose about 75lbs of fat. Wish I could afford Jordan, but he's beyond my budget.

    Anyway, great job man.

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    Fuck Jordan. You've got the fat-loss Guru on your side. Leah is the expert.

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    Great story. Well done with all the hard work and discipline it took to for you to get there. There's hope for me yet! Oh to be 38 again...

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    That's amazing. I've always been in awe of those really strong guys like you. I'm 50 and just started the program. Never too late!

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    This is really inspiring.

    I'm 33 and just getting back into lifting after nearly a decade of climbing and not eating much. Bounced around programs for a while, just started SS, not recovering like I did in my early 20s and was just thinking today that I might be to old to gain much muscle or strength. But obviously I'm wrong!

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