Two events for a 57 year-old guy. Karate Butt: At the dog park there's a corral around a tree made of 15 foot-long two-by-fours. A big dog bumped me, I lost my balance, and hit a two-by-four square in the middle with my tuches. The board split in two as if hit by a karate master, but I basically felt nothing. Sticking the Landing: I did not realize it was raining, and that my front steps were wet and slick. Wearing smooth flip-flops, my feet disappeared from under me, and I went from the top step to the sidewalk -- down three feet -- and landed on one foot, balancing my 250 lb. frame for seconds, basically effortlessly. Without strength training, either one of those incidents would have had me in the hospital. Rip is right: "Strong people are harder to kill," or injure as well.