So I had a small scaphoid and radius fracture about 5 weeks ago and just got my cast off yesterday.
I found it too difficult to get the bar on my back because of the wrist pressure it puts and assuming that would be the same for press.
However, today I was able to do my deadlift warmups up until 275lb x1! (mixed grip, i failed on standard)
My max previous to this injury was 310lb so I think that's not bad for one day out of cast
I'll be chucking the rest of the lifts back in once my wrist cooperates more.
The doctor told me no heavy weights for 2 weeks but 3 and 5lb dumbbells were ok (lol?)
I'm wondering if wrist wraps will help (i have some) my gimp (left hand) support more?

background - 5'8" male 227lb