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    My Starting Strength Journey

    Prior to my SSLP, all of my prior weight training experience had been within a Super Slow, High Intensity, 1 set to failure model. Because of this and my 3x/wk work commitment as a BJJ/MMA coach, I found switching to the volume demanded by the SSLP quite challenging and I was sore much of the time.

    My Starting Strength LP Records (18 weeks total)
    *All weights for 3 sets of 5 except DL which is for 1 set of 5

    Squat (120 lbs. over 26 sessions (4.6lbs. per session) (12.5 weeks* or 9.6lbs. per week) (6.6 lbs. per week if measured over whole 18 wk. LP)
    140 (4/14/16)
    260 (8/17/16) (up 86%)
    *I think the truest measurement of my SSLP squat progress should be calculated over 12.5 weeks because two separate back tweeks required a total of 3.5 weeks of rehab and I took one reset in which it took me two weeks to return to my pre-reset weight.

    Press (38 lbs. over 13 sessions in 13 weeks; 2.9 per week, per session)
    85 (4/14/16)
    123 (6/13/16) (up 45%)
    Followed by two resets, neither of which allowed me to surpass 122 lbs.

    Bench (57 lbs. over 20 sessions or 2.8lbs. per session; 16 weeks or 3.6 lbs. per week)
    160 (4/18/16)
    217 (8/15/16) (up 36%)

    Deadlift (16 sessions or 5.6 lbs./session) (14 weeks or 6.4 lbs. per week)
    235 (4/18/16)
    325 (8/11/16) (up 38%)
    *Missed sessions due to lower back tweeks caused by squats.

    Weight Gain: 214.3-228.4 (+14 lbs.), Fat Wt. [Dexa](+5.7 lbs.) Muscle Gainzz (+8.3)
    Age:53; Avg. Calories 3500-4000 (1g P/lb. BW and rest from carbs and fats).

    Following the recommendation of my SSC I switched to the 5,3,1 program and pretty much maintained my weights for 5 months. After reading The Barbell Prescription, I concluded I could get stronger on a fixed 2 day program. I alternated a heavy squat day with a light squat day (~10% reduction) and all the other lifts were performed heavy once per week for work sets of 5.

    Fixed 2-Day Program (2/21/17-present)
    (6 months thus far)
    Squat 240
    Bench 190
    Press 110
    DL 295

    Most recent:
    Squat 330 (up 90 lbs. or 73%) (3.75 lbs./wk)
    Bench 240 (up 50 lbs. or 79%) (2.1 lbs./wk)
    Press 144 (up 34 lbs. or 76%) (1.4 lbs./wk)
    DL 380 (up 85 lbs.or 78%) (3.5 lbs./wk)

    Progress thus far (1 year, 4 months)

    Squat 140-330 (+190 or 136%)
    Bench 160-240 (+80 or 50%)
    Press 85-144 (+59 or 69%)
    DL 235-380 (+145 or 62%)

    Weight Gain: 214.3-245 (+30.7 lbs.), Fat Wt. [Dexa](+12 lbs.) Muscle Gainzz (+18.7)
    Age:54; Calories 3000-3500 (1g P/lb. BW and rest from carbs and fats).

    Along the way, I've been joined on my Starting Strength journey by my wife. She took a few weeks of coaching sessions with Coach David Piccarilo and I relied on Coach Piccarilo a few times to check my form and pick his brain about programming.

    What's more, I've switched most of the small number of trainees I have from the Super Slow model to the SSLP and they are all appreciably stronger.

    My strength gains will probably slow down considerably while I diet back down to 15% BF. I'm currently near 20%. But once I'm there, I look forward to the reinvigorated gainzz the subsequent caloric surplus will afford.

    Onwards and upwards!

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    Thanks for writing this up. Looks like we're about the same age. I'll be 55 in March. Started SL 5x5 in May, switched to SS in October. Program is great - starting to get a little tough but working it. Your testimonial is an inspiration. Keep us posted.

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