I did "Starting Strength" about four years ago and my squat stalled at 230lbs. I simply couldn't surpass that weight no matter how many times I tried. I put "Starting Strength" in quotes because I did the lifts, but didn't focus on nutrition. In short, I didn't do the fucking program. I wanted to stay lean while gaining strength, against the advice of all SS veterans.

This time around, I tried something new. I DTFP. For some reason, I didn't believe that diet was as important as it was. I've continued to fine-tune my technique, but nothing has helped more than eating a lot of food, focusing on high-quality animal proteins. Three days ago, I squatted 255x5x3. I feared I was going to stall the next workout, simply because I couldn't believe I was progressing so quickly past a previous stalling point. I made sure to get lots of rest, drink my shakes, eat my protein, and today I squatted 260 for 5 reps twice and felt so good I did 6 reps on the last set. Just one stress/recovery/adaptation cycle and I had improved yet again, even more than expected. It blew my mind to see how my body adapted just by sending it the right signals and providing it with the right nutrition.

This program works. It just does.