Thanks. Was addled with back pain, now a strong Dad Thanks. Was addled with back pain, now a strong Dad

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Thread: Thanks. Was addled with back pain, now a strong Dad

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    Default Thanks. Was addled with back pain, now a strong Dad

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    First, thanks to Rip, to Jayson Ball, to Austin and Jordan, Alan Thrall, and Reynolds and Scott.

    I'm 39. A year ago I couldn't even tie my shoes due to debilitating lower back pain. Let alone pick up my 2 awesome kids and throw them around. LBP started when I was in my early thirties and was progressing in the wrong direction.

    I had "worked out" in my late teens and early twenties, mostly bodybuilding (meaning bench and other upper body) stuff. My best bench was 300, and my best high bar quarter squat was 405. I never pulled even an empty barbell. It's bad for your back, you know!

    Anyway, I started trying to get my back strong about a year ago. I found SS a few months later and started an Imperfect LP around March 2017.

    My training logs from Mar 15, 2017 show:
    BW 185#
    Squat 165 x 5
    Deadlift 135 x 2
    Bench 185 x 5 x 3
    Press 85 x 6

    As of today, December 28, 2017:
    BW 230#
    Squat 290 x 5 x 3
    Deadlift 330 x 5
    Bench 260 x 5 x 3
    Press 170 x 5 x 3

    Squats and Deadlifts obviously suffered from a lifetime of neglect. I've had a few interruptions to my LP due to sickness, work, family, and life generally. So I restarted a few times, but Ive now completely exhausted my novice gains.

    Long story short, I'm now living my life with confidence. I'm a capable father and husband. I'm one of the strongest guys in the gym, and the only one who squats to depth. I have my life back. Instead of worrying how bad my life might be at 50, I hope to be squatting 550 at 50.

    Thanks again.


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    Glad to see it has made you a better person and father. This is an awesome testimonial. 2/3s of the guys at my gym pile on 275 with no warm up and half rep squat x 3.

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    Hi Prepadex. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and reply. This is such a great community. I definitely think my training has made me a better father. I think my kids are learning good lessons from seeing me take care of myself for their benefit.

    As far as being a better person on the other hand ... I've got a long way to go there 🙂

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    As someone who has suffered from back pain for most of their life, I can attest that barbell training has mostly cured my back issues (still get occasional spazams but nothing I can't train through). 44 year old Dad of 3.

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    Great story. Wrestling with the kids when they are young teaches them and you so much. That glorious time passes so fast and then you get a gap until grandkids. I'm there now and want to make sure I can wrestle and run with them. So easy to get the "old man" syndrome in which you start excusing your gait, groans, and other difficulties by telling yourself that it is part of getting old... not necessarily I see here from these testimonials! Thanks!

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