Squat Magic! And Some Real SS Testimony Squat Magic! And Some Real SS Testimony

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Thread: Squat Magic! And Some Real SS Testimony

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    Hello Coach Rip,

    I haven't posted for quite a while, but always enjoy reading the thoughtful and informative, if not sometimes philosophically intriguing threads on this site! I visit on a weekly basis; my prior account may have been deactivated for lack of logged-in usage or password change protocol, or maybe I just simply forgot my login info over time.

    I saw something today that made me feel compelled to post again. It was an infomercial for "Squat Magic!" If you have not seen or heard of this, I invite you to check out this insanely ridiculous device!

    I'll leave it to you and your faithful followers to assess the claims of this silly, and peculiar contraption, but it is entertaining to watch!

    On a more serious note: I've suffered from a broken back twice in my lifetime (currently 55 years old). Had back pain from 18 to 21 from the first instance, then took up weight training (very similar program to SS) while in college. Pain went away for many years til I was 42 and then broke my back again from a horseback riding accident. Had spinal fusion surgery at L5-S1 where the doc confirmed I had a prior fracture many years before.

    I had still been semi-active in weight training before the accident and the ortho doc said no more, ever.

    Well, after 8 years of chronic lower back pain, and lots of prescriptions, I decided to get back into weight training and built myself a fine home gym and began the Starting Strength program in earnest, albeit slowly and carefully at first.

    My linear progression went just as stated in the book, with regular weight increases and associated strength gains. And guess what?

    No more lower back pain, no more sciatica, no more leg pain, completely gone. I gave up the pain meds I had taken for so long about 4 years ago, and never looked back. I've been doing the linear progression until I reach weights that become difficult for me at my age, the take a break for a while, and start all over again. I did hit an intermediate phase a couple of years ago, but do to life issues decided to stick with reboots of LP which have treated me very well.

    Thank you for all you do and to all the helpful and insightful members on your forums!

    I hope you enjoy the "Squat Magic" infomercial, it's pretty darn funny to watch! I look forward to your (and other's) assessment of this ridiculous device, if you so choose to even comment on it!


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    So many things I could say about that “product”......and it’s only four easy payments of $39....lmao!!!


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